Goal 1: Weight and Health (Soooooo un-original but needs to be done!)

I’ve recently began and new chapter in my life, Motherhood. As many may know it comes with late nights, little sleep and minimal ‘Me-time’. None the less the Pro very much so out way the Cons.

During my pregnancy I over indulged. I ate whatever, whenever. My reason behind this is, I’ll spend the rest of my life watching what I eat and keeping an eye on my weight. So I figure for the next 9months, let there (literally) be cake! I don’t have any regrets about how I managed my pregnancy but now it’s time to get the old me back. I very happily put on 25kg during this time. The weeks following giving birth I naturally dropped 10kgs. This was as a result of breastfeeding, a busy schedule and adjusting to this new life. As the dust has since settled I now need to focus on getting my health and fitness back. So here goes…

Goal #1: Drop 15kgs and get into BETTER shape than I was pre-pregnancy.

To do this I have to seriously analyse my current lifestyle and be very honest with myself. Here are my truths..

Truth #1: I’m naturally really lazy. I can easily watch TV and shop online for 15hours straight. So it’s safe to say motivation is not my best friend.

Truth#2: I eat whatever I want and don’t ever consider the consequences.

Truth#3: I eat with my eyes. If it looks good then in it goes.

With all these is mind I had to make a Plan of Action. Since is know I’m lazy, I need to plan my exercise activities and discuss my plans with others who will hold me accountable. No one wants to be a shit talker so when I say I’ll do something I MUST follow through.  The last two truths highlight my food troubles. To tackle this I need to (you guessed it) PLAN. Since I’m home with baby majority of the time it’s very easy to drift my way to the fridge then find myself in front of the TV with ice cream. Extreme planning need to take place here so I prepped my meals for the week ahead. All full of healthy foods. This also killed two birds with two stones as sometime I’m too lazy to cook and I’m sitting in a drive through waiting for my combo.

So that’s Goal #1 down in concrete. Watch this space ……Image


Where to start and what to call it.

I’ve had a 23 years to decide what I want to be and what my life goals are. However, I’ve yet to come up with anything. I have a decent job, a wonderful partner and a surprise baby girl. The whole picture seems pretty and there is nothing I could complain about nor would I change if I could. This is not a question about ‘am I happy’ because I am. This is more about striving for better and achieving greatness.

Life is the longest journey we embark on and it’s one we don’t choose to take. We are given this opportunity to live, breath and think. Recently, I’ve come to realize I have reached a very awkward stage in my life. I am breathing and thinking but I am far from living. One of my biggest fears in life is reaching the end of my years and not having achieved any of my goals nor having great memories to look back on. I fear waking up every day without anything to be passionate about.

This is the beginning of my personal growth. I want to grow, learn and achieve. I planned to do so over the next 12 months. I’ve just taken step 1 out of hundreds more to come. This marks the beginning. I hope to look back on this at the end of 12 months and see change for the better. I promise to fill this blog with Pictures, videos and proof that things can change if you put in to effort.


“Don’t adjust your goals according to your circumstances. Adjust your circumstances to achieve your goals”