One year is all it takes.

One year. In today’s world 12 months is far too long. I want results and I want them now. Because I can’t seem to produce immediate results, I’ve given before I even started.

However, one of the most crushing thoughts I have is ‘ where would I be now if I had started 1 year ago?’ This question annoys me because I know exactly where I would be. I would be closer to my dream than I am now. So this is the year where I put an end to procrastination. I will make a plan and I WILL execute it.

In 12 months time in will not be the same person. This is a promise.

“Don’t find yourself. Create yourself”Image





HA! Easier said then done. It’s lunchtime on a Monday and I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom. I promised myself I would stay away from watching  TV today as it is such a major distraction in productivity. So far, so good cause now I’m writing as oppose to catching up with Dr Phil.

Do you ever get those mornings where you think, what’s the point in getting up? having a shower? having breakfast? Primarily because you know when all these tasks are done you can’t come up with anything else to do. That was me this morning. The only reason I crawled out of bed was because of my 2month old daughter.

Now, I’m up. My house is clean, baby is changed, feed and of with her grandma and I’ve got the house to myself. This is the perfect time to sit and start making a list of all the things is wish to achieve both short term and long term.

I’ve recently discovered the power in a lists. They create structure, where I have none. They show progress and visually you can see what needs to be done. So here goes,


1)Get my full license. Ok, don’t laugh at me. This is one of those things I’ve be meaning to do but have never gotten around to it. I’ve had my restricted for 8 years! My driving skills are fine by the way, that’s if you don’t include two times I’ve hit parked cars.

2)Get my Real Estate License. Again something I’v always wanted to do. I’ve often thought about pursuing a career in property and real estate simply because the thought of selling and buying does genuinely excite me.

3) Losing the baby weight. This was pretty much explained in my last post …..

4)Incorporate more fitness and outdoor activities into our lives. With today’s world it’s easy to watch and beautiful sunny day watching bad reality TV or slumping on the couch with a laptop.Bottom line, if it’s a nice day … get up and get MOVING.

This list will constantly grow and adjust, so watch this space….. (continue below)



As for my long term goals , well let me work on these and get back to you in my next post …..


Keep moving. It’s the better option ….