If a stranger on the street approached you on your way to work and gave you a fresh cup of coffee, what would your instant reaction be? It’s early morning, your tired and a tad grumpy.

Initially I would be taken a back. Then I would be asking ‘what is this for? and ‘ what do you want in return?’. Would you be surprised if this stranger then said they wanted nothing in return and it was for no particular reason. I would. This is because in adulthood it is embedded in us that ‘nothing comes free’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’. In most situations this is true. So it’s no wonder most people, myself included, find it hard to grasp the concept of ‘Doing good for others and expecting nothing back“. We always believe that every Bad action has a consequence and every good deed deserves a reward. We know it so well, that we expect it. Therefore, If someone did some kind gesture for me both unprovoked and without reward, I would find it difficult to comprehend.

As I’ve gotten older, smarter, wiser ( and continue to try and get skinnier), it has become easier to see the positive benefits of giving to others. Sometimes , I can get so wrapped up in achieving for greatness for  myself that I fail to realize the genuine happiness surrounding me. You can not buy gratitude from someone who’s wallet you just returned with all their money in it. You can’t purchase appreciation from the old lady who you just helped carry her groceries to her car.  However you can receive great pleasure from knowing you did something nice for someone else that day. Big or Small these gestures are what make the world a slightly better place, even for a brief moment.




Do good for others and expect nothing back.