This is going to be a mushy ‘mum’ post. Feel free to skip this one, no hard feelings.
At 4.25am this morning, I was up changing a dirty nappy and feeding my daughter. I was tired, cold and to be honest, just over it. As exhausted and miserable as I was feeling at the time, when went back to my warm bed my only thought was ‘I’m so damn happy to be in this situation’.
All through life we make decisions. Some we regret, some seem like a good Idea at the time and some led us to be in our current situation. Whatever the decision, we made it and we either reap the rewards or live with the consequences.
I look at my daughter and I can honestly state, having her was the best decision I ever made. Period.
I do ask myself on a regular basis, what do I aim to achieve in life? Of course I have my goals in which I work to achieve. However, if I died tomorrow, hell if I died in 100 years, no matter what I achieve personally, financially or socially. She will always be my greatest achievement.

In her life, I get to be her greatest teacher. What she turns out to be, will be a direct result of my lessons. As daunting as this thought feels, it excites me to know that I can teach her those lesson anyway I see fit. Sure, she’ll get conventional education too, like maths, grammar and science if she wishes. I’m happy leave this to the paid educators. I get to teach much more influential topics. I get to teach her how to control her emotions and not let angry or sadness get the better of her. I’ll teach her to be an optimist and to create her own opportunities. To practice patience where it matters most and To be respectful to others, period. This list of ‘life-lessons’ is never ending. I makes me happy to know that this is my responsibility.

There’s nothing to much more to say, except for the fact I pray others get to experience this level of happiness in their lives too.