Your problems are not that bad.

Today I moaned about the weather. It’s December here in New Zealand which historically marks the beginning of Summer. Well, like typical NZ fashion, it’s been raining constantly for the last week and tonight there will be thunder storms.

I moaned about my semi-warm coffee I bought and the fact that due the crappy weather my hair had restored itself back to it’s frizzy state. I got annoyed at having to take public to work, hell – I was annoyed at having to work.

Then I read the news.

The Sydney Hostage situation. The mass killing of  141 children in Pakistan. Then thought, “What the fuck am I moaning about!?’ When events like these happen around the world there is no silver lining.

Let this be an unfortunate reminder to be grateful for our own problems. Be grateful for those bills, at least they are not bullets. Have gratitude for the homework given from a school that is safe and functional. Spend time with your family for as long as they are on this earth.


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