Dear Friend, you are missed.

Relationships are beautiful whether romantic or platonic. They allow you to venture into another beings world, while consciously allowing them into yours. Some are easily built on sand, which in turn are just as easily swept away. Others that are more important and tend to be build on solid ground and can often with stand the most turbulent situations.

A few months back I lost one of the most influential persons in my life and my dearest friend. She played a significant role in majority of my fondest memories and indirectly sculpted who I am today. She managed to leave her impression on many people but this post is about the impression she left on me.

I’ve had this blog post sitting in my draft for the last 7 weeks and every time I approach it I find myself hitting an awkward brick wall. My stumble? How do you describe the most eccentric character to ever be apart of your life? How do you articulate your feelings towards your closest and dearest friend?

She wasn’t an angel or a saint. But truthfully she had a big heart with a mouth twice the size. She did things that made most people question her sanity but made her close friends laugh in hysterics. I can’t begin to describe how precious she was and still is to me.

Because of her my high school years we’re nothing but pure laughter and genuine happiness. I remember specifically being extremely lost on the days she wasn’t there. She was loud, infectious and way to intelligent for her own good.

She was in every aspect of the title ‘my best friend’.

That’s why losing her so suddenly was momentarily paralyzing and beyond heart braking.

It only been a few months but I still struggle with her absence and truthfully, I know I could have been a better friend.

So to my dear friend I want to thank you….

For your friendship. It meant everything to me and I’m sorry I didn’t show you that more often.

For being you. Because it allowed ‘me to be me’. Through the nature of your character you indirectly showed me not to care about what others may think. You taught me, to be me.

For showing up to school with lunch for two…. well at least for the 2 out of 5 days you actually showed up to school.

For being my sound board when I needed to unload my emotional burden.

For your ridiculous laugh! It always hurt my ears but made my day that much brighter.

Most importantly….

Thank you for the happiness you brought to my adolescent years. I know you never thought much of yourself but you were worth more than you could ever realize.  I wish you loved yourself as much as I did.

Thank you for honestly being a true friend, even when I wasn’t to you.

Although your life was far too brief I feel as if you managed to cramp 90 years of living into 24. I wish I was by your side in your darkest moments and perhaps things would have turned out differently. For this I’m truly sorry.
We all wish you stayed longer but hell, you never listened to anyone anyway.

Where ever you are I hope your at peace. Rest my dear friend and when you get a chance… please give me the next winning lotto numbers.

With all my love.



P.S: I know you loved this shizz…..