New Zealand Series: Te Arai Point Beach


If you’re looking for a spot to disappear to, away from the city and bustling crowds then I’d suggest taking a day trip 1 and 40 mins north of Auckland to the beautiful Te Arai beach.

If you like the vibes of Piha but hate the crowds then Te Arai point maybe the perfect way to spend the day. It’s beautifully isolated and forces you to spend time off the grid as there is no cell phone reception.┬áPositioned on the east coast this beach offers miles of pristine white sand with choppy surf ideal for swimmers and surfers alike.


Some pro tips would be:

  • Pack food and water, as the nearest shop in a 20 minute drive.
  • Don’t bother washing you car prior to departure. The last 15 minute of your journey is a long a unsealed gravel road and everything will get covered un dust.
  • Bring shade. If you plan on parking up on the beach then you need a place to escape the sun and wind as the beach is rather exposed.
  • The trip is not sign posted so take a map or your phone for direction. Cellphone data will get you 97% of the way so screenshot your last few turns. Don’t do what we did and ‘trust your gut’ as this will get you lost. Google maps is your friend.
  • EXPLORE! On one side of the beach you’ll see a stretch of white sand for miles. On the other, a small cove type opening that acts as a peaceful lagoon in amongst the rough waves. Great for kids or those who just want to chill.

Check out the photos

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Lisa x